Here at Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we know that installing air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast is more than a nice-to-have. Having a well-cooled house during the heat of the summer is really nice but getting the most out of your air conditioner relies on choosing the right system.

In addition, it’s important to choose the right placement for the units for adequate cooling throughout your home. A split system operates via an outdoor unit as well as one that is installed indoors. This is a great choice that keeps you from having to install ducts for airflow and can be quite affordable. Here’s what you need to know about where to install the units.

Where to Install the Exterior Unit

The unit that works from the outside of your house contains the compressor, expansion coil, tubing and condenser coils. The unit is connected indoors via a conduit that enters your home through a small hole in the exterior wall. This gives you a few options when choosing an outside location for the unit.

It can be placed more than 100 feet from the inside unit, but both have a better cooling capacity if they are placed closer together. Your outdoor unit should also be installed somewhere that protects it from severe weather, including snow, wind, hail and extreme temperatures. Placing it under an overhang is an easy way to offer this protection.

Finally, the unit needs to be somewhere that allows for free airflow. There shouldn’t be any barriers anywhere around the outdoor unit.

Where to Install the Interior Unit

Your indoor air conditioning unit contains the evaporator coil, which changes warm air into cool air before releasing it into your home. The inside unit can be placed in several locations in your house, including the floor, wall or ceiling. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the ideal location.

Airflow is very important so you need a place that allows for adequate airflow through all the zones the unit is responsible for cooling. Height is another matter and homes with tall ceilings get the best airflow from putting the unit at about 8 feet off the floor.

For other ceilings, mounting the unit about two feet from the ceiling is best. You’ll also need to be able to easily access the unit to change the filters and keep it cleaned and maintained so keep that in mind. Make sure your indoor unit is in a place that’s also safe to get to.

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