Air conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast

At Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we install and maintain high-quality A/C systems for residential and commercial clients on the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re not sure what type of air conditioner you need installed, our technicians will be happy to make an assessment and provide you with an appropriate recommendation.

Our assessments ensure that you get the right air conditioning unit for your home and that it’s installed in the correct position to reap maximum benefit.

With our air conditioning installation service, all we’ll need from you is to sit back and relax. Our professional and licenced technicians will take care of everything from mounting your unit to putting in the right settings.

Split System Air conditioning Installation

Split systems work ideally in a medium-sized setting. The setup includes basic units for cooling or versatile reverse cycle models for both cooling and heating.

The outside compressor connects to the inside head unit via two insulated gas lines. This head unit pulls in air from around it and changes the temperature before sending it back out. Split systems are ideal in family rooms, offices and apartments.
Split System Air Conditioning — Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ducted System air conditioning Installation

We specialise in ducted systems for households and commercial businesses. They come with multiple zones to provide an economical and efficient solution to control your environment.

It’s also possible to divide the home. In this situation, you maintain a temperature for living areas during the day and monitor the bedroom climate at night. Consider adding division between bedrooms if different family members have varying climate preferences.

We provide sales, servicing and repairs of all ducted systems. If you need new equipment, we work with all the major manufacturers to find the right system for you.


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"Over the past twelve months Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning have installed two air conditioning units in our home. On both occasions we found their team to be prompt, friendly and professional and would be very happy to recommend them." - Ann