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When it comes to heating and air conditioning installation on the Sunshine Coast, there’s no one better to call than our expert team at Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. For over 10 years we’ve installed and maintained air conditioning and heating units for residential and commercial clients throughout the Sunshine Coast.

With our air conditioning installation service, all we’ll need from you is to sit back and relax. Our fully qualified and licenced technicians have the expertise to install a wide range of air conditioning systems.

We’ll take care of everything from mounting your unit to putting in the right settings. So whether you’re needing to replace an old air con unit or simply want to upgrade to something more energy-efficient, get in touch with our team today.

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Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System To Install

At Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we’re committed to making sure our customers get the right heating and air conditioning system that delivers performance to suit both their home’s needs and budget. The first step is understanding choosing the right air conditioning system.

Every air con system comes with its own characteristics in terms of pricing, installation, function and efficiency. For example, split-systems are generally cheaper and ideal for smaller homes and units, however, for larger homes where a number of different rooms require heating and cooling, ducted systems are likely to be better suited.

If you’re not sure what type of air conditioner you need installed, our technicians will be happy to make an assessment and provide you with an appropriate recommendation.

Whether you need to replace an older unit or simply looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient AC system for your home or business, our team can help.

Split System Air conditioning Installation

Split system air conditioner are a great choice for property owners looking for simple, affordable, and easy to install systems in small to medium-sized settings. The setup includes basic units for cooling or versatile reverse cycle models for both cooling and heating.

As their name indicates, split systems are comprised of both an indoor and outdoor unit. The outside compressor connects to the inside head unit via two insulated gas lines.

This head unit pulls in air from around it and changes the temperature before sending it back out.

Installing split systems are relatively straightforward as there is no ductwork required, while the are ideal if you only need specific areas of your home or office cooled or heated.
Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast, QLD

What’s involved in split system installation?

  • Removing any old units
  • Adding concrete supports to the outdoor half of the system
  • Installing electrical safety switches if required
  • Installing insulation material

Once our team have installed your new AC unit, we’ll test it to make sure it’s functioning as planned as well as provide you with a thorough overview of how to use it.
Air Conditioning Technician installation AC unit in Sunshine Coast home

Ducted System air conditioning Installation

Suitable for larger homes where the temperature of multiple rooms can be controlled from a centralised unit, ducted air conditioning and heating is a popular choice. At Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we specialise in ducted systems installation on the Sunshine Coast for both households and commercial businesses. They come with multiple zones to provide an economical and efficient solution to control your environment from a single thermostat.

It’s also possible to divide heating and cooling controls within the home. In this situation, you maintain a temperature for living areas during the day and monitor the bedroom climate at night. You can even consider adding a division between bedrooms if different family members have varying climate preferences.

So whether you want to heat or cool your whole house, ducted air conditioning helps you maintain total control over the ventilation and airflow. We provide sales, servicing and repairs of all ducted systems. If you need new equipment, we work with all the major manufacturers to find the right system for you.

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What Our Clients Say

"Over the past twelve months Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning have installed two air conditioning units in our home. On both occasions we found their team to be prompt, friendly and professional and would be very happy to recommend them." - Ann



How do I know what the right type of air conditioning is for my home?

Choosing the right type air conditioning unit is crucial to making sure you get the best and most efficient use out of your air con. After a thorough assessment, our licenced technicians will ensure that you get the most suitable system for your home. In addition, there are a few tips to consider when making your choice.
  • Understand your needs. Think carefully about your home’s layout, your budget and how you’d like to use it.

  • Check the cooling capacity. If you install an air conditioning unit that doesn’t have enough cooling capacity for the size of your room or house, you won’t get the full benefits.

  • Check for energy efficiency. No matter what air conditioning unit you choose, it will be an ongoing cost in terms of your electricity bill. The higher the energy rating, the less impact you’ll see in your quarterly bills.

How long does it take to install split system AC?

Installation of split system AC can take anywhere between a couple of hours to half a day. Split system installation requires mounting and connecting both the inside and outside units.

Therefore, if appropriate mounts for the units are in place already, then installation is usually much quicker. In contrast, if the area where the unit is being installed is difficult to access, the installation process will likely be longer.

When choosing Davies Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, our technicians will provide an estimate depending on your unique needs.

What are the benefits of ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning has a number of great benefits compared to other air conditioning systems. They are great for larger properties, allowing for air to efficiently cool the entire house or specific rooms/areas.

As ducted air conditioning is managed by a central control unit, you can control the temperature of your entire house at the touch of a button. They are also much quieter than traditional split system units. If you're looking for an efficient and value for money home cooling solution, there aren't many options better than ducted air conditioning.