If your business relies on refrigeration, keeping your system well-maintained and running smoothly is in your best interests. Staying up to date with routine servicing and inspections will lessen the likelihood of breakdowns and cooling issues in future, which can save you time, money and lost business, long-term.

Our team offers monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance, as well as complete overhauls and calibrations when required. We will check the compressor, evaporator coils and flow control devices for issues and promptly correct them so your refrigeration unit is sealed, dry and running at the perfect temperature for your needs. These are the three most common problems with commercial fridges:


Over time, the seal on your refrigerator door will become frayed, unstuck and suffer from general wear and tear. This can lead to higher energy costs, loss of cool air and difficulty keeping the door closed which can, in turn, lead to rotten produce in the worst cases.

If your commercial fridge door is not sealing properly, you will need to either clean the seal or have it repaired/replaced. Sometimes it’s as simple as removing gathered dirt, mould or grime from the rubber. Otherwise, you may require the assistance of people in the know.

Our team can reseal your fridge and ensure your products are kept at the right temperature. Leaving your fridge unsealed can lead to more expensive problems further down the line so it’s best to correct the issue as soon as possible.

Water Leaking

Water leaking from your refrigeration unit is a big problem—not only because it’s a sign your system is malfunctioning, but also because it’s a hazard for your workers and customers. To ensure the safety of all involved, a water leak needs to be dealt with immediately.

This often means your refrigerator is not cooling efficiently, meaning valuable energy is being wasted when it doesn’t need to be. Leaks are often a symptom of a few different problems, including a blocked defrost drain or frozen water supply.

Our team deals with leaking refrigerators all the time and can provide affordable solutions that you and your business can depend on.

Too Cold

If you are noticing food or produce becoming frozen when it’s not meant to be, there may be a problem with your temperature control thermostat. If your system is running overtime and cooling when it’s not meant to, you will also be wasting energy and, therefore, money that could be better spent elsewhere.

We can check your compressor, evaporator fan motor and more to find the source of the cooling issue. Our team is experienced with all manner of refrigeration issues.

Whether you’re storing meat, seafood, baked goods or dairy, we provide the best solutions to keep your produce at the exact right temperature!

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