Our Top 6 Air Conditioning Facts

Your AC unit might be the most important thing in the world during the hot summer months, but how much do you really know about the machines you use every day? When you speak to Davies Refrigeration and Air Conditioning about repairing an old device or helping you with air conditioning installation in your Sunshine Coast home, do you ever wonder about the units that are being discussed? Here are a few small facts about air conditioning.

Keeping cool in Roman times

The Ancient Romans liked to keep cool too, and the earliest version of an AC unit was when Emperor Elagabalus had a large pile of snow carried from the mountains to his garden. It took 1,000 slaves, plus donkeys, to transport it all to his palace.

AC units were initially commercial

Although the first air conditioning machine was invented in 1902, it was initially only taken up by stores and office buildings. It didn't really take off in the home until the 1950s. Davies Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is grateful that the AC unit is so popular now.

Air conditioning allows for medical investigations

Some testing of medical supplies and treatments can only be done under very cool conditions, which would not have been possible without the invention of the AC unit.


Each year, homeowners close the vents in rooms that they don't use to lower their energy bill, but in fact they are making their units work harder, shortening their lifespan.

Architectural air conditioning

Before the rise in popularity of AC units like those installed by Davies Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, the only way to keep the house cool was to give the hot air somewhere to go. This is why older houses have large ceilings, staircases that go from ground to attic, porches and other open-air features. It is also why many properties were landscaped with large trees to give plenty of shade to the house.

Find out more about your AC units

If you want to know more about the AC unit that you are having fitted on your property, then you should speak to Davies Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. We can tell you a lot more about air conditioning installation in your Sunshine Coast home, how to use the machine and when to service it. For a free quote today reach out to us online, or call us on 0412-846-854 now.

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